Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Fun and waiting for our surprise!

Summer has come and gone so fast! We have had a very busy summer with lots of fun. We started our summer with a trip to Disneyland with the Anderson Family in June. July we Went to washingtong with the Parker Family. We also took lots of little trips to st. George, Moab, and other little fun places!
At the Beginning of August I took Ultimate Dance to a Dance Camp in Idaho and brought home many individual awards as well as "Overall Best Team" for the 2nd year in a row. I was so proud!
This summer Graydin played his first team sport, T-Ball. He is a very competitive boy and a ball hog. He has a very good arm for a 3 yr old and to spice things up he would slide into home.
Rich has Taken up running this summer and has ran a few 5k's as well as a 10k. He will be running a half marathon in November!
Trev is practicing his basketball shots on our new hoop so that he can be like Jimmer he says. He is also very excited to start 1st grade next week!
The biggest thing this summer was watching me get huge like a whale in preparation for our new little girl! I started dialating at 32 weeks and have not changed since. I am now just over 36 weeks and hoping there is progression at the next Dr. Appt. It is crazy to think within the next few weeks I will have a little girl. We are all so excited. The anticipiation is killing me!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Catch up and exciting news!

I can't believe How bad I am at updating my blog! Life is so busy that it just flies by so fast.

The boys are growing so fast and are so much fun! Trevin had his 6th Birthday in January! He is loving Kindergarten and doing so well at school. Graydin Started Pre-school in January and wasnt sure of it at first but seems to be enjoying it now. They are such a help and bring such a great spirit into our home. They both love to play the Iphone and I am amazed how well they play all the games on it. I can't even understand most of them!

Rich has been traveling a lot with his job which stinks. But the times he is home he is 110% Dad and husband. I don't know how I got so lucky. I never knew that after 12 years of marriage it could still feel like when you first met or better!

I am super busy at the studio right now since it is Competition Time. We have 2 more competitions left and 6 weeks of dance left before we go to summer break!

Rich and I have been trying to add to our little family for quite some time. We are happy to finally announce that I am now 18 weeks along!!! Rich and the boys really wanted another boy so that they could name him Jimmer! But to their dissapointment and to my Excitement I am so Happy to announce that I finally get my little GIRL!!!!!! Yes thats right we are having a Girl! My little dancer. I really was prepared for 3 boys but I am over excited for a sweet girl to come into our family so that it will be 3 against 2!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time flies when your having fun!

I cannot believe I have not updated this blog since January! We have had such a busy 11 months and I will try to catch up on our lives a little bit....

February-May: 2010 Dance Competition season was amazing! Ultimate Dance placed well at every competition, I couldn't be prouder! At Nationals we took 42 Number and came home with 42 1st places along with 6 overall High Points, 2 Overall Best Dance studio and Director of the Year! Again!

May: We took a fun little trip to California. We spent 2 days at Lego Land 1 day at the Beach and 1 Day at Disneyland! We met up with our good friends the Woottons at Disneyland and had such a great time! The boys are at such a fun age and we enjoyed every minute of it.

June: Rich and I took a little trip to the east coast. We flew to Boston attended the red Sox game with a tour of Fenway Park. We then took the train to New York and stayed on Broadway where we attended the musical "Promises, Promises". Kristen Chenowyth is amazing!! We then took the Mega bus for $1 to Philly where we ended our trip with a phillies game! I just love going on trips and spending time with Rich we had so much fun! Thanks to the inlaws for watching the boys!

July: My dance studio performed at the Stadium of Fire with Carrie Underwood

July-November: This summer I have taken up a new hobby.... Running! I wasn't happy with how my body was looking and I was frustrated from trying to have another baby without sucess. So I decided to do something to make me feel better. I started walking with a really good friend and then as time went by we started to run a little. For those who know me well you know that I love competition. So we decided to start challenging ourselves in doing a 5k. After doing three 5k's we decided to push ourselves a little more and do a 10K. After doing the 10K I saw that there was a 1/2 marathon in St.George on my birthday in Novemeber. I figured I wasnt getting any younger so why not?! My Friend and I trained ourselves for a few weeks and on my 32nd Birthday I ran My first 1/2 Marathon in 1 hour and 55 minutes!! It was such an accomplishment and it was fun to share it with my Mother and sister in laws, Rich and the boys and one of my Best buds Karen. The boys also ran a race 200M it was so cute! I was the most sore I have ever been in my whole life, it took a week to recover and I only lost 1 toe nail! I was so exhausted after running 13.1 miles as you can see by the pic.
August: Rich had his 34th Birthday while I was at a Dance Camp in Idaho. My Studio won best overall Team! What a supportive husband to let me go away over his birthday!
September: Our little sweet Graydin turned the big 3!!! He is so much fun and is a huge part of our family!
October: Rich's Work treated us to st. Petersburg Florida for 3 days! He won MR of the year for the 3rd year in a row! We had such a great time at the Awards banquet as well as a day in universal studios. I am so proud of Rich for all of his hard work and for all that he does for our family!
Also in October, We moved into our new house! We sold our home in September and moved into our newly built home 1 1/2 miles south. We love it. We got our new yard in right away along with shutters and thats about it. We are not decorators so it is taking a while to get stuff up on the wall!
We are now on our way into the holiday's which I always love. I really hope it wont take me another 11 months to update my blog. I do have to say that I feel very blessed with all I have and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful supportive husband and kids. I am also very blessed with great in-laws as well as my own family. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that encourage me to be great and push me when I want to give up!
My computer is having a hard time uploading pics so I will get more up as soon as possible!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Trevin!

5 Years ago today I recieved the best gift a woman could have, I became a mom! My dear Trev was born on January 22nd 2005 @ 6lbs 2oz. I remember it like it was yesterday! Trev is the best son a person could ask for. He is so sweet, cute, and caring. If I was promised to have other kids exactly like trevin I would have 10 kids.
We asked Trevin what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said he wanted to go to a hotel with his friends (cousins). So Rich booked the holiday Inn in westvalley. It has a little water park inside with a kiddie pool with sprinklers and slides, basketball hoops, and a huge twisty slide. His Grandpa, uncles and boy cousins that are his same age on the Anderson side met him there for swimming, Pizza, Cake and a sleepover. Mom and Graydin got to go for cake but left the boys to have fun!
Happy Birthday Trevin!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Life can change so fast.............

Wow it has been a while since I last posted but between the dance studio, My boys, an I have to admit farming on facebook, I dont really have much time to spare.
It has been a very long week and since only my good friends read my blog, I thought I would write about it and try to get it off my mind.

About September Rich started feeling numb in his left leg. Not sure what it was maybe thinking it was a pinched nerve and it not hurting, he decided he would wait til the new year and get it checked.(Because we have crappy insurance). Well The day before Thanksgiving his numbness started in his right leg and was a little more uncomfortable. Rich decided that he would go get it checked. The Dr. said that he wouldnt worry about it and to come back if it gets worse. By Thanksgiving Day Rich was numb from his chest down and very uncomfortable. Monday he went back to the Dr. The idiotic Dr. Responded by saying what do you want me to do? He took xrays and blood work and the Xrays came back with no pinched nerve. While in the Dr.s office my brother in-law called rich and said he could get into a specialist and he immediately left. At the Specialists office he took anothe set of x-rays and said he didnt have a pinched nerve but that this was not normal. The specialist ordered up MRI's, more blood work and another visit on wednesday. After 5 hours of MRI's, lots of blood work and a whole day of dr. visits, The Specialist told us that Rich either had cancer on the spinal chord or MS. The next day we met with the Neuroligist and she comfirmed that Rich has Aggressive MS. We have spent the whole week at different appt's and tests and are trying to get over the initial shock that this has happened to our family.
It's kind of weird that Bad thing happen to other people but you think that will never happen to you! We still don't know what is going to happen or how fast but we know things will more than likely be different.
I Have been really thinking about this all and the one thing that comforts me is that I know my Heavenly father loves me and that Families are Forever.
We have had a very blessed life with very few trials, an amazing marriage and two beautiful children. We have had the opportunity to do more things in our 11 yrs of marriage then most people do their whole lives. I know if anyone can fight against this disease, Rich can. I know it is not cureable but we are not going to let it take over our lives. I am still looking forward to growing OLD with my Prince Charming.
Rich is now on steroids for 5 days through and IV. He will have to give himself shots about every day for the rest of his life. We are praying he gets some feeling back in his body so that he can be comfortable and work and live like normal again.
I am so grateful for our family and friends who have helped us out so much this week!
Don't take anything for Granted because life can change so fast!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Graydin!

I can't believe my baby is 2! Graydin has brought so much joy into our lives! He is my little 2 yr old going on 10. He is such a playful, smart and loving boy. On sunday we were at the inlaws for dinner and during the prayer he kept peeking whispering:"Mommy I love you". How do you get mad at that! He loves his big brother so much and tries to be just like him!
We love you so Much Graydin! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Charity Garage sale, Carwash and 5k Run!

Garage Sale and carwash
September 12th 9am-1pm@ Ultimate Dance Etc. Studios
Carwash @ Walgreens
5K RunThe McKenna 5K run/walk/bike raceIf anyone can beat Leukemia twice, McKenna can!October 10th 2009Harvest Hills ParkSaratoga Springs, UTRegister at McKennacan.com
To read her story go to McKennacan.blogspot.com
If you dont like to run or live too far away to come you can just donate by going on her website!